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Blower Truck

Blower trucks allow more precise placement of products while keeping site disturbance and mess to an absolute minimum. Perfect for residential or commercial beds.
Hose: Our typical 60 yard blower truck holds 250 ft of 4” hose, standard at all times and will blow material at distances beyond without compromise. The hoses are in 25 ft sections that connect to each other as needed. The 25 ft sections allows our crews to maneuver the hoses throughout the job safely and efficiently.
Clean up: Our Blower trucks keep dust to a minimum though the use of water in a dust suppression system. Once installation is complete, our crews clean up by blowing the excess material off the sidewalks, driveways, and grass. They rinse any material that may have stuck to the fence or rocks in the landscape areas. We provide clean up after all our work, and this finishing touch is what separates us from the rest.

Blower Truck Products