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Specialty Order Materials

Specialty Order Materials

Special order products are suitable for blower service but they are not stored in our yard and are ordered directly from the manufacturer.


North Country Potting Soil: A premium quality all-purpose indoor/outdoor potting medium. It is excellent for raised garden beds, potted plants, bedding plants, transplants, herbs, bulbs, nursery shrubs and roses, planter boxes and hanging baskets. This is a non-organic mix. It’s the ideal product to use when growing plants in pots or containers. Ingredients include: peat moss, aged bark fines, forest by products, steer manure, volcanic pumice, dolomite lime, limestone flour, and fertilizer package.


LIGHTWEIGHT #1: Proprietary blend of fine compost, medium bark, coco fiber and pumice. Can be installed via blower truck to roof top areas or planter beds.

GREEN ROOF MIX: Proprietary blend of pumice, red cinders & fine compost meeting the parameters detailed in the table below. Needs to be crane hoisted in super sacks to roof top areas or via blower truck.

Optimal soil mixes and depths for green roofs depend on site-specific factors including planting type, microclimate and structural support.

Cedar Grove Green Roof Mix and Cedar Grove Lightweight Mixes are designed to meet the specifications of regional designers and have been used on numerous successful projects. A Civil Engineer, Landscape Architect or green roof system vendor should be consulted to specify soil requirements for new and retrofitted structures. The local stormwater utility should also be consulted when planning new projects that drain to sewers or surface waters.

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