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Blower Topsoil

Blower Topsoil

Q: Do you blow topsoil?


We have a specially formulated mix that we can blow in. It’s a mix of 70% compost and 30% sand. We call it blower topsoil. It has been used in a variety of applications.

Does this sound like it would work on your project?

Here are some scenarios this product has been used for successfully by our customers.

Q: I have a rock wall in my yard, above it has bad soil for growing and lots of rocks, I would like to plant in it, what have you done for customers in this situation?

Q: We just bought a house the back yard is unfinished, rocky and uneven. I don’t want to wheelbarrow topsoil! What have you done for customers in the past?

Q: How much material can you bring?

Q: Can you go through a side gate?

Q: How thick do you apply it?

Q: Is there a minimum number of yards that must be ordered for blower service?

Q: Do I need to rake it or compact it after it’s blown?


Blower Soil is not a traditional type 2 or 3 way soil mix. It does not have the same compaction characteristics of a traditional high loam content soil mix. The thicker it is installed, the more spongy or soft it can feel.

Our feedback from the customers is that it can be soft and spongy at first, but as the roots grow, it firms up nice.

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